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Pricing & Plans


Check them out >

Plans? We only have one PLAN that includes all our features. Even if you start CrispTel service by using a few key features and later decide that you need more, you will never pay for future add-ons!


How much per month >

Our pricing is simple.

$34.99 per month per phone, which includes all fees!


Get a quote >

Need a quote for how much service costs? You don't need us to put some numbers through a complex calculator and give you a number. You can do it yourself! For example, if your organization needs 5 phones, your monthly bill will simply be $34.99 x 5, which comes to $174.95 down to the penny. Best of all, our rates never go up.


Options >

 Not a big fan of contracts? We hate contracts as much as you do! All of our service is CONTRACT FREE! We want you to be with us because you love our service, not because you signed your life away for 36 months only to find out the price increases after the term!

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